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Aluminum demand to drive the future of electrolytic aluminum industry remained stable

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Aluminum net news: building, electrical and automotive industries rapid development to promote the demand of aluminum products; alumina industry concentration is low,the purchase of electrolytic aluminum and aluminumprocessing enterprise bargaining power will be restored.

Aluminium is used as the basis of important industrial raw materials, occupies a very important position in the national economy. Since 2010, the world's major economies including China, an accommodative monetary policy, market liquidity is enhanced greatly; Chinaunveiled a four trillion economic stimulus plan, non-ferrous metals Shouchu plans a series of supporting policies and loose monetary policy, increase the economic recovery is expected, pulling the lower demand for architectural, automotive and power nonferrous metalindustry, industry overall recovery situation. Influenced by the downstream demand pull, China's electrolytic aluminum output recovers, according to the National Bureau of statistics, China's electrolytic aluminum output in 2012 was 19677700 tons, grow 12.75% compared to the same period. In the long run, because the aluminumas the basis of industrial raw materials plays an important role in the development of national economy, therefore,with the gradual economic recovery, aluminum volume will be increased downstream products, aluminum productionand sales will continue to grow.

Alumina is one of the main raw materials of electrolytic aluminum and other aluminum products. With the rapiddevelopment of global aluminum industry, aluminumdemand soared, the rapid expansion of production capacity of alumina. The current global alumina with total capacity up to 1 tons, the production capacity of aluminain China's total world production capacity of 33%, ranking first in the. China, Australia and Brazil of alumina production capacity accounted for 64% of global capacity. Due to the rapid expansion of production capacity of alumina in China, alumina industry concentration decreased rapidly, the alumina industry has shown a super strong pattern. With the aluminaindustry concentration decreased gradually, the bargaining power of electrolytic aluminum enterprisesprocurement of raw materials must be restored.

From 2009 to 2011, China's aluminum prices fluctuatedupward trend, the 2012 wave gently. In 2013 March,China's aluminum month average price of 14490 yuan per ton. Is expected in the next 1 to 2 years, China's automobile and real estate industry demand for aluminum products will all increase, electrolytic aluminum industry's overall profit level remained stable.

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