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European aluminum alloy spot prices affected by the rumors

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Integrated power of aluminum mesh (/Amy compiler) July 19th news: due to additional bankruptcy will continue torumors circulating in the market, this week the Europeanaluminum alloy spot offer to push up.

Since Oetinger major German alloy producersencountered financial difficulties and in June 27th filed for bankruptcy in the news spread, 226 aluminum alloy in major markets in Europe, the German commercial gradeprice rise 80 to 100 euros (US $105-131 per metric ton).

In France, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe, some other manufacturers with bankruptcy rumors have causedpanic in the market. Because insurance companies have cut their credit lines, it is difficult to understand a region of southern Europe some small-scale producers havedifficulty collecting scrap. There was a rumor, a producerin Eastern Europe a trade sector has gone bankrupt, theproduction capacity of 50000 tons of the factory are sold,but officials denied the authenticity of this rumor.

Despite the "most buyers in August and September,stable" or sellers said, has received a large number ofrequired delivery in September and October.

A India producer said, it will be more buyers in September. Some buyers refused the offer, and theprice, but in any case, prices are not less than 1800 euros per metric ton.

A German manufacturers agree with spot demand this week to slow but buyers are query nine, October pricesargument, but he predicted in September the spot pricewill be increased to 1850 euros per tons.

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